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Originally Posted by kalfitegrdan View Post
Slipknot comes on to close the night. After Spit it Out, Corey Taylor falls to the stage and is confirmed dead. Everybody turns to Satan. "Fuck you, guys! It wasn't me." Satan gets pissed, buys a Slayer shirt and beer koozie and leaves the venue. Apparently Corey Taylor's death was due to heart failure, which will later be linked to the Illuminati and the Summer Slaughter opener poll. Anders Colsefni, Slipknot's original vocalist, pushes his way to the front and hops on stage to finish the show off by playing Mate.Feed.Kill.Repeat in its entirety.

Left Behind
I Am Hated
My Plague
Spit it Out
Do Nothing/Bitchslap
Only One
Tattered and Torn
Some Feel
Killers are Quiet
You are awesome!! MFKR is my favorite Slipknot release. If Corey was to be there for a bit, I would also love to hear him do Purity before he died
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