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Paganfest -- Chicago, IL -- April 5th, 2012

I got to the venue at about six thirty, with the doors supposedly opening at seven, but as usual I expected it to be about a half hour late, but they ended up opening at eight fifteen for whatever reason, probably because of the meet and greet or something. In any event, I spent most of the time at the record store upstairs and ended up buying a CD that I'd been meaning to hear for awhile (7000 Dying Rats - Season in Hell).

I got in the venue as Arkona was setting up, which may lead you to ask, "What about Huntress?" This is the gist of the story that I got from about 3 or 4 different people: Apparently a few minutes before Huntress was going on, one of the security guards saw the lead vocalist throwing up by their van and thought it was a drunk chick and was going to bounce her when a roadie came and scooped her up and dragged her to the stage, which she apparently walked onto using the roadie as a crutch and finally when she caught her balance started the first song. She apparently kept fucking up during it and falling down and shit, so after two songs of this they had to stop playing. Needless to say the rest of the band was fucking pissed at her.

Anyway, back to Arkona, actually let me start with saying that I feel bad for Turisas for having to follow such amazing acts like Arkona and Alestorm. So, based on that, needless to say, Arkona slayed. They are just everything that is right with folk metal, great heavy parts coupled with some of the best folk music and just the right amount of bounce. Masha called for a "vault of death. Now!" (wall of death) during Stenka Na Stenku which was pretty entertaining despite no one really understanding her at first. I'm pretty sure this is the set...might not be in the right order, but I'm pretty sure on the songs.

Slavsya Rus!
Ot Serdtsa K Nebu
Goi, Rode, Goi!
Po Syroi Zemle
Stenka Na Stenku

Alestorm was next and the crowd just went insane for them! Everybody in the middle of the crowd/pit area was dancing around and just all around having a good time. Their guitarist lost his voice, so instead of Heavy Metal Pirates, they opted to play No Quarter (And as Chris Bowes said, "Instrumentals are people too. Don't discriminate.") instead, which was a very welcomed surprise. Besides No Quarter, the highlights to me were Midget Saw and Sunk'n Norwegian. During Rum the singer belly flopped into the crowd and crowd surfed around while the audience was shouting the chorus. I thought that that was pretty cool. There must have been a lot of pirate paraphernalia in the pit afterwards, because me and some other guy lost our eye patches and my friend and GarageMetal both lost their pirate hats. Another one of my friends got Alestorm and Turisas' set lists, so here's Alestorm's. Sorry for the blurry picture, I was trying to hold it steady while riding in a car going 80. The bottom part that is kind of cut off says, "Oh shit we've run out of songs."

I went upstairs to the merch table and bought Arkona's live DVD and GarageMetal talked to the guitarist from Alestorm who said that they would probably be back in November in another support slot. Then it was time for Turisas to take the stage. As I said earlier, I feel bad for Turisas having to follow Arkona and Alestorm. If it would have been other bands or they played earlier in the show, I would have enjoyed them a hell of a lot more. They were good, but definitely not great. Although they did play the three songs that I wanted to hear most. (To Holmgard and Beyond, Rasputin and Battle Metal) Here's their set list:

10/9 Pentagram
10/13 Pseudogod
10/16 Cave State
10/21 Black Tongue ?
10/23-24 Autopsy
10/26 Title Fight
10/29 Yob
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