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Anthony Raneri

Genres: Acoustic, Pop Rock, Singer-Songwriter

Top tracks according to his Last.FM

1. Sandra Partial
2. Charleston
3. The Ballad Of Bill The Saint

Apparently this guy is the singer for Bayside, but his solo stuff is really catchy! Some of the songs, like Sandra Partial, have a country vibe to it, but it's really fun to listen to. I'm really surprised, I'm really liking this stuff! Reminds me a lot of a band like maybe Cake or Ben Folds? I'll check him out for sure.

Rating: 7/10


June 16th - July 30th
09/02 - Solstice
09/05 - DRI
09/09 - Origin
09/14 - Citizen
09/17 - Mineral
09/18 - Clutch
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