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Thanks for these set lists!

I think Ghost should be able to play their entire album in their allotted set time. I was really hoping for the Here Comes the Sun cover but oh well. I suppose they can always play it in future shows. I really want to buy their t-shirt with the album cover on it; did you see it at the merchandise stand by any chance?

No complaints about Opeth. I am more of a casual fan and not too familiar with their albums or songs but I pretty much love everything I hear by them, even the stuff from Heritage. They have this aura of musical professionalism onstage so I'm sure I'll be happy with their show.

And as for Mastodon, I couldn't be more happier that they are playing almost all of The Hunter (12/13 songs), which is one of my favorite albums from 2011. I hope the set list doesn't change too much on the dates when they aren't headlining, though I doubt it will since Opeth and Mastodon seem to play for the same amount of time either way.

Can't wait for this show!
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