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Originally Posted by Maiden33 View Post
I got like 2 and a half tracks in and turned it off. Not sure if I even care enough to give it another shot. Seriously, how did he fall this far? I've always defended his Maiden albums (particularly X Factor), and I swear by the first two solo records (and most of Blood and Belief)... but ever since it's kinda just felt like a gradual descent.
The first two songs are easily the worst two IMO. The albums biggest flaw is the mediocrity of the first 3-4 songs... which is a pretty damning flaw, indeed. But, the latter 2/3 of the album are more like what I like from Blaze.

Definitely his worst, though I also thought Promise and Terror was better than The Man Who Would Not Die, so I disagree about the gradual descent bit.
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