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All Time Low

Genres: Powerpop, Pop Rock

Top 3 tracks on their LLast.FM

1. Dear Maria, Count Me In
2. Remembering Sunday
3. Weightless

I actually think this band killed whatever momentum radio pop/punk had in the early 00's (blink-182, Green Day, etc.) because they just focused on looking and sounding pretty and pretty much just turning into a "hard pop" band. The second and third songs give me a toothache from how bubblegummy they sound. The first song isn't too bad, but I know they're pretty much a lost cause.

Fun fact: I had to go to the 8th page of their pictures on their Last.FM to find a photo of them with their instruments. I passed AT LEAST 9 photos of them posing in their underwear. Fuck.

Rating: 3/10

Dates playing:

All dates - They're a headliner.
07/22 - Melt-Banana
07/26 - Forever Came Calling & Primitive Man
07/30 - Warped (?)
08/05 - Knockout Kid
08/07 - Fireworks (?)
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