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After The Burial

Genres: Progressive Metalcore/Deathcore

Top 3 tracks on their Last.FM

1. Berzerker
2. Your Troubles Will Cease and Fortune Will Smile Upon You
3. Cursing Akhenaten

Most of you probably know of this band already. The first song is really 85% an awesome song, the only bad part being the painfully boring breakdown at the end. It's just brainless fun tech-y metalcore. The 2nd song is apparently from their new album, so it's kind of sad they just turned into another boring djent band. Third song is okay, but nowhere as good as the first one. I might try and catch Berzerker from them on Warped.

Rating: 6/10

Dates playing:

All dates.

09/02 - Solstice
09/05 - DRI
09/09 - Origin
09/14 - Citizen
09/17 - Mineral
09/18 - Clutch

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