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So you want to go to Warped Tour? (a 2012 preview)

Hello! Since this year's Warped Tour is one of the best lineups I've ever seen for the annual fest, I thought I'd go through and preview each band! I've never listened to a lot of these bands, so it'll be a learning experience for both of us!

Some things first:

1. This thread will not contain "real" metal. There are a few bands that some consider metal, but most of it is not. Please don't bitch like a bunch of whiny bitches about it.

2. You should know by now my preference to radio-friendly pop/punk, so don't go apeshit when I tell you I [spoiler]like Taking Back Sunday[/spoiler] or something.

3. I'll be going in alphabetical order.

4. Most of the bands are playing every date, I'll be sure to say when they aren't.

Okay, next post is the beginning!
05/27 - Visceral Disgorge
05/28 - Horrendous
05/29 - Hellbringer
05/30 - Denouncement Pyre
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