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How easy it is to use the STL incident as a reference point. Was it a dick move? Absolutely. Were there other issues? Yes. Rock stars do shit all the time. That's part of what makes them rock stars.

I don't see Danzig constantly bitched at even though because of a small fight you can't even bring a cell phone into a Danzig show. Or refusing to play a show because a stage that's "too small". The Trapped Under Ice frontman can assault a fan & break his jaw @ a hardcore show (accident or not it was a hardcore show). Not saying he qualifies as rockstar but I'm sure you get my point. You could fill books full of shit that's been pulled by bands.

A lot of us can't get over GNR since Slash left. That is pushing what 20 years ago? Yes Chinese Democracy was a letdown & Axl is to blame. Flame on if you will but I'll take Chinese Democracy over anything post Dookie any day. The current GNR band is just as competent as the old band. Not saying they are HOF worthy is absurd. From Appetite to Illusions they were possibly THE biggest band in the world. Let's go ahead & take Sabbath, Metallica, Cream, Hendrix out as well.

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