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Acid Bath- When The Kite String Pops (1994)

This is one of the most diverse albums to ever emerge from the United States. I cannot pinpoint exactly what category musically to put Acid Bath in. I hear doom and death as well as black and sludge elements. Even thrash and melodic rock emerge at some point. Lets just say that Acid Bath were ahead of their time so much that they are revered as legends only 10 years after their departure from the metal world. Dax, for starters, is a very interchangeable vocalist. His range can go from extremely melodic to as extreme as screaming can get. This Jekyl and Hyde personae works well with Sammy's blackened screams and the rest of the bands different methods and tones. When listening to songs like 'Scream of the butterfly' and 'Bones of baby dolls' the listener can become mesmerized and lost in the overall depth of the beauty. The melodies are very ballad like and quite overwhelmingly soothing. They are what sets them apart from the very aggressive ferocity of songs like 'Cassie eats cockroaches', 'Jezebel' (which when the song breaks down, gets calm with decipherable lyrics) and 'The Blue'. Overall each song has a different individualistic stance when it comes to pace, sound and story. There are no nuances nor mundane offerings. This is for all listeners. Whether you prefer the doom/sludge aspects or the black and death alike. Metal aficionados who appreciate new territories explored and calculatingly executed will find at least one thing they like about 'When the kite string pops'. It Usually take 2 or more releases to give this much impression for just one album. Not to mention awesome cover artwork done by sadistic madman John Wayne Gacy.

Favorite Tracks:

God Machine



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