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Originally Posted by Maiden33 View Post
#9: Redemption - This Mortal Coil

Even though #9 is clearly a very high position, when a band previously held three top 3 albums in 2009, 2007, and 2005 with 3 consecutive albums, #9 feels like a step down, and sadly, it is. I've praised Redemption as the best new band of the 2000-2009 decade, who have a fairly unique approach to Progressive Metal. For those who aren't familiar with them, the band takes a relatively darker and more emotional approach to Prog Metal, with very personal and introspective lyrics sung by the very emotional vocals of Fates Warning's Ray Alder. Despite all of the players in the band being outstanding, they usually don't get too much into typical Prog wankery and remain relatively song-based. This Mortal Coil is no exception to any of that, with the lyrics taking on an even more personal tone, as this album was inspired by guitarist/lyricist Nic Van Dyk being diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, and his coming to grips with his own mortality. On paper that should've made this my favorite Redemption album, but sadly two things I think hold it back. One, I think this Ray Alder's weakest vocal performance on a Redemption album. I don't know if it was just a weak performance or if he's truly losing his touch, but his voice is just a bit dry and weak at times. My other complaint is the production and overall sound of this album, which to me is just strange. It's not necessarily bad, just very weird, and I particularly don't care much for the guitar tone. That being said, the songs are pretty much as strong as anything Redemption have done before, hence how they can still manage to land at #9 in such a competitive year. They remain one of my favorite bands around today. Also, this album features a bonus disc on some versions that includes some cool and unexpected covers.

Featured Track: "No Tickets to the Funeral"
I think this album is spectacular.
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