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Soilwork- The Panic Broadcast (2010)

I FUCKING LOVE SOILWORK. The album begins with "Late For The Kill, Early For The Slaughters" which begins with a guitar and keyboard melody combining to create a majestic atmosphere. Then at 18 seconds in it kicks off with a blast-beat drum roll which leads to material that goes even beyond "Blind Eye Halo", bringing us back to Steelbath Suicide-sounding material. This album is indeed a roller-coaster (depending on your definition of a roller-coaster). The diversity isn't even just from song-to-song, it's also in songs. There's the blast-beat/fast-paced song"King Of The Threshold", which ends acoustic and almost directly connects to melodic and beautiful "Let This River Flow". There is also the mid-tempo and lyrically powerful "Two Lives Worth Of Reckoning", "The Thrill" and "Deliverance Is Mine" Bjorns vocals are at their best in this album. He covers most of the vocal spectrum with screaming, growing, beautiful singing, harmonious talking, and the echo in his vocals at some points. "Let This River Flow" displays Bjorn's best vocal work with his screamy verse which leads straight into beautiful high-pitched singing and growling before the 2nd chorus. The guitar and drum work are the best since Natural Born Choas. With the return of Peter Wichers and new-found member Syvain Coudret, the guitar work is more melodic, atmospheric, heavy, and groovy than it's ever been. Dirk Verbeuren only joined the band 2 albums ago and is displaying better drum work than the last 2 albums combined. There's everything from the groovy drumming in the slow and somewhat doomish "Epitome" to the doublt-pedal work in "Night Comes Clean" to the blast-beat "King Of The Threshold" Sven Karlsson's keyboard work hasn't been this good since Natural Born Chaos. He throws in some quite diverse and progressive keyboard sounds/melodies. The keyboards are definitely more atmospheric this time and give an amazing background to the songs. The highlight for the keyboards would be on "The Akuma Afterglow" though "Night Comes Clean" follows closely. Last but definitely not least, we have the instruments coming together for a 2 1/2-minute intro in "Enter Dog Of Pavlov". For the 2nd half of the outro, there's "Sweet Demise" (bonus track). Both songs give each instrument a chance to REALLY shine. This is truly one of the greatest and one of the most well put together albums I've ever listened to in my life. Every little detail is magical and so well executed. In honesty I doubt they could ever beat the greatness that is The Panic Broadcast.

Favorite Tracks:

Night Comes Clean

Let This River Flow

King Of The Threshold

Two Lives Worth Of Reckoning
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