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Paganfest -- Toronto, Ontario -- April 2nd, 2012

This is probably one of the funest shows I've been to in a while. Folk Metal live is just a great time for all, and perfect music to drink to!!!

The first band was Protokult. They were pretty cool. Definitely a great opener for this show. That got the crowd good and ready for the main bands.

Next was Huntress. To me personally they were just okay. Didn't really grab my attension all that much and I don't think they really fit in with the rest of the bands. But I give credit to where its due.

Next was Arkona. Have heard a lot about them, but never really sat down and listened to them. But they honestly blew me away!!! That chick in the band (can't remember her name right now) is a great frontman for the band. The crowd was really digging them, and this is when things really started to pick up.

Next was Ex Deo. They were only playing the Montreal & Toronto shows of this tour. Again, I was blown away by them. Just the whole Roman theme they got going is really cool and very entertaining to watch.

Next was (the main reason for my attendance) Alestorm!!!! What can I say, they just know how to put on a show. Christopher Bowes stage pressence is great and he's always cracking jokes between songs. At one point they brought on stage with them, Rob Cranny. Anyone who lives in the Toronto area knows who Rob Cranny is. They were just great to watch and fun to sing along with.

Wenches & Mead
The Sunk'n Norweign
Nancy The Tavern Wench
Back Through Time
Midget Saw
Black Sails At Midnight

Last band of the night was Turisas. Again like Arkona, heard a lot about them but never really listened to them all that much. But once again, I was blown away. They put on a fantastic live show and the crowd really started to go crazy. They were just a lot of fun.

The March Of The Varangian Guard
Take The Day
To Holmgard & Beyond
The Dnieper Rapids
One More
The Great Escape
Rex Regi Rebellis
Hunting Pirates
Stand Up & Fight
Battle Metal
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