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GWAR -- Tulsa, OK -- March 28th, 2012

Little bit late but I still wanted to review. *This will make #6 or 7 time to see the mighty GWAR. As far as their headlining tours go, IMO this seems to be the best lineup I've seen them tour with. I know a lot have seen them tour w/ Ghoul and/or Municipal Waste but this was my first time seeing them w/ either band. I missed opener but from what I read on here I didn't miss much.*

This was my first time seeing Ghoul. I knew their name but after that I knew literally zero else. I've seen a bunch of shows @ Cains in Tulsa and never saw a crowd go crazy for the 2nd band on a bill like this. Place was probably only 1/2 full for Ghoul. There were good sized pits & crowd surfing. I had no idea I'd enjoy Ghoul so much. Only thing I thought was a bit much was they did a lot of GWAR stuff (the matching stage attire, having characters come out, spitting/dumping stuff in crowd). *Not original by any means. I did enjoy their music though. Seemed so odd getting sprayed so early in a GWAR show & not by GWAR. Idk if they did this all tour but the MW bassist came out for their last song & did backup vox on last song. I may have missed 1 song but otherwise saw their whole set & was really impressed. I hope to see them again. *Assuming they did same set as I wouldn't know the difference.*

It's been almost 3 years since seeing MW on the LOG/AILD/GF tour few years back & it ways pastdue. Was not a fan of Massive Aggressive but I'm digging the new album a lot. After seeing crowd for Ghoul I planned on being smashed against front gate. Not real close. Guessing kids didn't like them bc they had no over the top schtick, just killer thrash. *Band was amazing as usual. The 1' gap between gate & stage killed mood a little. Odd seeing thrash band & hardly getting touched on the rail. There was a half assed wall of death for Mind Eraser w/ instruction of "kill the kid w/ the Rancid shirt on". *Enjoyed their set, I wish a few songs on Art Of Partying *had been exchanged for others. Also LOVE Sadistic Magician as the opener. Ton of fun. The most fun was Born To Party. After almost a minute I noticed what was ontop of the stacks. I'm always a sucker confetti regardless off cheesy factor. The confetti went off when the song started to get to chorus. Never would have expected confetti out of MW. They were my #1 reason for wanting to go. Crowd was a little lame for them but nice not worrying about being smashed into rail. Set was same as posted:

Garbage Stomp
Sadistic Magician
The Thrashin' of the Christ
Terror Shark
Wolves of Chernobyl
Beer Pressure
You're Cut Off
Wrong Answer
Headbanger Face Rip
Insurance Fraud
Blood Drive
Waste In Space (intro)
The Fatal Feast
Guilty of Being Tight
Mind Eraser
Unleash the Bastards
Born to Party

And now time for dirtiest part of the evening. Gotta say I didn't know how well they would sound as a 4 piece. Maybe it was me but Zombies, March didn't sound like the same song. Maybe it was the sound. I might leave a few out the GWAR murder victims were: Bone Snapper, Techno Destructo, Nazi Dentist, A Huge Worm, Snookie. Leaving a few out. Only 1 celebrity is a little lame. Did feel like a few less deaths than normal. Sadly, this was my least slimed show as well. No love for right side of stage. Gotta say this was probably one of my least enjoyed GWAR sets, minus Road Behind *which was quite special. *They lost a friend & band member. I can only imagine they might be more limited to what they could play as 4 piece. I will not bitch @ all. This couldn't have been easy w/o Corey. Granted I've seen them a lot. Maybe I'm GWAR jaded. Hell idk. Oderus was pretty funny tonight. He told a guard who kept standing near a crowd surfer & told him nobody paid money to see his ass. And right before Maggots he said Rob Zombie is a fagget & other bad stuff about Slipknot & Mushroomhead but then said "I Love Me Some Juggalos", lol. To say GWAR could do a sensitive ballad is like saying Jason is a great camp counselor. The Road Behind seemed like the most heartfelt thing I've ever seen at a metal show. Before the song Corey's guitar was put on a stand ontop of their amps w/ a spotlight on it the whole song. When song was over lights were turned off on the stage as the band took turns touching his guitar as they walked by. I didn't figure GWAR was capable of such emotion. You can tell they are a different band when they do The Road Behind than everything else they play. I was disappointed in set but by the end it seemed like I was missing the big picture. I hope they can figure out another guitar player & character for the band. Pretty sure set is same w/ only different order.*

Zombies, March!
A Gathering of Ghouls
Storm is Coming*
Saddam a Go-Go
The Salaminize
Bring*Back the Bomb
Crack in the Egg
Immortal Corrupter
KZ Necromancer
Eighth Lock
Metal Metal Land
Ham On the Bone
Sick Of You
The Road Behind

Sadly no pictures this time around. Used a disposable camera. No way I take a digital camera in for GWAR. Gracias for reading.*
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