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Opeth- Damnation (2003)

This wasnít a huge surprise. Opeth has included acoustic portions into their songs since the dawn of creation, so an entire album built upon this innovation was nearly inevitable. I wasnít shocked, and neither should you! Any idiot who thinks this isnít Ďmetal enuff, d00d!Ē has clearly missed the point, or just cannot process forewarning and other forms of syndicated information. Opeth said themselves that this was to be a clean acoustic album, hence, itís a clean acoustic album. The lack of distortion and growls throughout Damnation should go without saying. But anyway. If youíve heard Blackwater Park, this album has the same approach as the track Harvest. Itís slow paced folk-ish soft rock with humming guitars and a few keyboard moments with minimal drumming and soft vocals. Song lengths are much shorter than on previous albums, which really doesnít bother me, as the songs donít drag on too much here. There are a few songs on here that follow a typical verse-chorus-verse pattern, and some that remind me of sludge style doom metal. In fact, although it has a rock basis, itís focus is on longing, sadness, and flat out misery. Imagine if Grief had a different vocalist and forgot to turn on the distortion. Itís good, just different. If you do take a liking to this, don't expect to put it down anytime soon. It's addictive and just so atmospheric. All of that being said. Aside from this album I highly dislike Opeth. I put this album into the same category as Agalloch, Alcest, Les Discretes, Swallow The Sun, etc..

Favorite Tracks:

Death Whispered A Lullaby

Hope Leaves

In My Time Of Need

To Rid The Disease
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