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Originally Posted by MPF View Post
Just got an automated text message from the local Rock Station here in Minnesota. Tool will be headlining a festival in St. Paul in Late June (93X Fest I'm sure)
Three months have passed since Live Nation and the City of St. Paul trumpeted their plans for an annual music festival on Harriet Island starting June 23-24, but they haven’t offered so much as a peep or tweet since then over who is going to perform at the thing. Which leaves us resorting to rumor-mongering, if only to appease all the fans who've been hounding us for any little news (a good problem to have, for us and the fest).

With input from multiple, reliable sources – but without confirmation from Live Nation, so this is still conjecture -- the two groups that seem most likely to headline the inaugural festival are arty metal gods Tool on June 23 and outdoorsy good-vibe kings the Dave Matthews Band on June 24.
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