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47. Autopsy - Macabre Eternal

So as I mentioned in my hint, this is “the first of the plethora of old-school death metal albums released in 2011 to crack the Sexy Sixty”. In hindsight, what I really meant by the term “OSDM albums” is “modern albums made by classic OSDM bands”, not albums made by modern bands who have an OSDM sound (because there are a few of those on my list, too). Anyway, that little clarification aside, this album is obviously the hallmark of the triumphant and much overdue return of these death metal masters, after nearly two decades of non-existence under the “Autopsy” moniker. Perhaps one of the most obvious and straightforward positive aspects about this release is the fact that it clearly sounds like the next logical step the band would have taken after their album Mental Funeral. What’s truly awesome is that that album was released in 1991, which basically means that they have more or less picked up exactly where they left off twenty years ago, without missing a beat. Who else can say this? I’m not sure anyone can. It’s really just so awesome to be able to honestly say that this group of guys just released a genuine death metal album in the classic old-school vein, but that it actually took place in 2011. Just in case you’ve never checked this band out (and by the way, if you haven’t, I really don’t want to know you), give this colossal album a listen and you’ll know exactly why Autopsy is one of the founding fathers of old-school death metal.
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