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Originally Posted by Rocco44 View Post
Show was great for me. Loss was great despite technical difficulties. I would love to see them play a longer set with good sound.

Pallbearer was solid, would love to see them again.

I had only listened to Wolvhammer's Obsidian Plains a few times but I enjoyed them. The vocalist is pretty intense.

Saw The Atlas Moth at an apartment with a blown pa so it was nice to see them again and actually hear the songs. Stavros' vocals were too high in the mix for my taste but the overall sound was adequate.

was fucking Yob. Not as good as when I saw them at the Echoplex due to set length and setlist but I can't complain. Mike's vocals seemed really on point as well. "The Mental Tyrant" was fucking huge live.

Would love to see Wolvhammer the most, hopefully they play the east coast sometime soon. Loss and Pallbearer are playing a show together but it's 21+, and Yob is playing a show and it's also 21+
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