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^^ Dude what the fuck happened?

Show was great for me. Loss was great despite technical difficulties. I would love to see them play a longer set with good sound.

Pallbearer was solid, would love to see them again.

I had only listened to Wolvhammer's Obsidian Plains a few times but I enjoyed them. The vocalist is pretty intense.

Saw The Atlas Moth at an apartment with a blown pa so it was nice to see them again and actually hear the songs. Stavros' vocals were too high in the mix for my taste but the overall sound was adequate.

Yob was fucking Yob. Not as good as when I saw them at the Echoplex due to set length and setlist but I can't complain. Mike's vocals seemed really on point as well. "The Mental Tyrant" was fucking huge live.

Bought a few shirts and got some cool Scion swag including a shirt, Wormrot EP, Immolation EP, Melvins EP, and fucking socks. Also got my all my Yob vinyl signed. They hadn't even seen the Metalblade vinyl re-releases yet which surprised me. Apparently Metalblade claimed they were lost in the mail but that seemed bullshit. I even ran into Stevie of Dark Castle and had her sign my Atma vinyl. She was pleasantly surprised and said she had never signed one before.

I will post a few videos sometime later today.

I think Atlas Moth played Perpetual Generations, An Ache For Distance, Coffin Varnish, Holes In The Desert. I think I'm missing one or two songs though.

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