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Originally Posted by tenchimyo View Post
Didn't know Jack Russell had solo stuff! How did they sound?
The band sounded really good.

Originally Posted by sarsip View Post
How many people were there?
Decent turnout. Maybe 200+

Originally Posted by sarsip View Post
Fix your format before someone else prompts you.
Yeah, surprised I made such a dumb mistake - must have been on autopilot. By now, I should know the format. Unfortunately I don't know/can't figure out how to fix an error in the thread title.

Originally Posted by christopher View Post
I don't support Jack Russel. I support Mark's Great White.
Fair enough.
09/26 - Tom Morello
09/28 - Exumer
09/30 - Amon Amarth
10/06 - King Crimson
10/28 - King Diamond / Satan
11/02 - Raven
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