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Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
Why commission this separately from the deluxe edition? That's just stupid.
It actually came out before the deluxe edition. These releases are independently done and released by Audio Fidelity. Other than taking care of the licensing and providing the tapes, Dio's estate has nothing to do with the release.

Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
My main issue with this is that this remaster was released last month and I only heard about it last week. They really kept this quiet for whatever reason. I didn't post anything when I first read about it because I wanted to wait for my copy to come in the mail so I could tell everyone if it was any good or not.

I've got some bad news though, I checked audio fidelity's page and it says that the Holy Diver remaster is currently out of stock. So, hopefully they'll have more soon. I'm guessing there maybe some torrent sites with this version on it so all is not lost for those who want to hear it.
Audio Fidelity's target audience are the kind that know about this release well in advance and are first day buyers (super rich audiophiles pretty much), so they don't really need to advertise. This is their first title that's appealing to a ton of people outside that niche audience, mainly because of how loyal metal fans tend to be and also because Holy Diver has sounded so weird until this version. It's an album that's known for having less than stellar production/sound quality, so the idea of a version of the album that actually sounds good is sure to draw a ton of Dio fans.

Audio Fidelity's website is out of stock, but there should still be copies for like 17 dollars on Amazon. I only bought my copy from there a week ago! Considering how well the album has sold so far, there's a good chance that they'll do another pressing though.
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