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Holy Diver 24 karat gold remaster

I don't recall seeing anything about this but Holy Diver has finally been remastered. You can get it from Dio's offical web page or from audio fidelity which did the remaster.

The remaster is great. Everything is so much clearer not only vocally but most of all musically. I'm hearing things going on with the guitar work, especially the solos that i've never noticed before in the hundereds of times i've heard this album. Just a superb job from the people who did this. If you're a Dio fan this is a must have.

The news gets better as i've heard that The Last In Line and Sacred Heart are getting the same remaster treatment and will both be released within the coming months. I hope that they do one for Dream Evil as well since it deserves the same as there's no reason not to do it.

The biggest issue I always had with these albums was the questionable production but finally this issue is being resolved and we can enjoy these classic albums more than ever now
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