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Originally Posted by brutal_descent View Post
Anthrax (USA)
Among the Living (1987) Island Records

At the time I first heard this album, it was the fastest metal I had ever heard. My first listen of Caught in a Mosh and Efilnikufesin probably made me start a mosh pit in my room, as lame as that sounds! Arguably Anthrax's best album, the youthful vigour the band possessed in 1987 (and still does, if not youthful) brings this record an adrenaline kick, with great drumming from Charlie Benante and vocals from Joey Belladonna, one of my favorite metal vocalists.

Favorite tracks:
Caught in a Mosh
That's fine. I remember being like 13 and discovering Slayer and playing their live dvds in my living and running in a circle pretending I was in a circle pit.

But great cds so far!
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