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Originally Posted by brutal_descent View Post
Agalloch (USA)
Ashes Against the Grain (2006) The End Records

I trust you all know who Agalloch are... a magical and emotional journey into the minds of the extremely gifted Portland, OR-based USBM quartet, Ashes Against the Grain may possibly be one of my favorite black metal albums. With atmospheric and calming pieces like "Fire Above, Ice Below" and "Limbs", as well as beautiful yet anger-filled songs like "Falling Snow", the album is an extraordinary work of art, coming together at only eight tracks, altogether a mere hour. While other Agalloch albums such as The Mantle and latest release Marrow of the Spirit also hold a place in my heart, Ashes is without a doubt their best album.

Favorite tracks:
Falling Snow
Not Unlike the Waves
As much as I love Agalloch's every output, this is their most complete album in my eyes. Interesting that you term "Falling Snow" an anger-filled song because I feel like its one of their most up tempo and "feel good" songs. But hey, that's what their music is about, everyone comes away with their own interpretation which is quite fascinating really.
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