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Gorguts -- Detroit, MI -- January 8th, 1994

In anticipation for the Death to All tour I looked around for some old Gorguts sets and found a bunch of videos on YouTube from the 3rd Michigan Deathfest. There are also videos from the first and second fests, so I may post some more sets later.

  1. Robotic Village
  2. The Triangle
  3. Psychedelic Warriors
  4. The Creek of the Dead
  5. Nuclear Exorcist

  1. With Their Flesh, He'll Create
  2. Stiff and Cold
  3. Orphans of Sickness
  4. The Erosion of Sanity
  5. Bodily Corrupted
  6. Hideous Infirmity
  7. Inoculated Life
  8. Rapturous Grief
  9. Disincarnated

5.31 Grave Miasma
6.3 Voivod
6.5 Discharge
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