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Foxy Shazam -- Burlington, VT -- March 29th, 2012

I am a bit reluctant to post this because they are not metal. But someone was interested in the set when they opened for the Darkness.

The show time was screwed up due to vehicle issues.

Got in as Cadaver Dogs were finishing their set. I didn't hear enough to make a judgement.

Maniac was next. White hippe funk band with heavy 70's influence. Listenable but not memorable.

Foxy came on at 10:05. I had a premonition that I should lower my expectations.........

Welcome to the Church of R-n-roll
Holy Touch
Oh Lord!
Introducing Foxy
Last Chance at Love
Forever Together
Ghost Animals
Killin' It
I Like It

The singer Eric had too many Skittles or Colombian nose freshener before the show. You can't headbang and sign at the same time. The sound was shit. The bass overpowered all the other instruments. Besides these issues, I had a pretty decent time.

How could I forget, no encore. Other set lists had them playing five songs. We got Tom Petty singing American Girl.

Merch sucked. Crappy one-sided T-shirts for $20.

I am glad I paid $12 and the show was local.

Allow me to digress a bit.........I have an issue with fuck-tards that mosh to anything. If I had the technology I would teleport these ass clowns right in the middle of pit at a Cro-Mags or Napalm Death show. This would educate them in the true nature of moshing.
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