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Originally Posted by kalfitegrdan View Post
Just got around to listening to your interview with RVP show. Great interview, man! I look forward to hearing some more. I'd never heard Terror Syndrome and Shining before that and holy shit are they great bands! I especially liked that Shining song, so avant-garde-y and awesome! I'm not really a fan of The Ocean's studio work, but they are just top notch live.

Also, I'm pretty sure the Terror Syndrome song is the second song played as opposed to the third as it says on the playlist in the description. Just thought that I'd point that out.

Oh, and as much as it sucks that you didn't get to interview The Black Dahlia Murder, congratulations on the sex!
Thanks for checking it out man. I should throw up another show pretty soon.

I thought I had messed up the order but I wasn't sure, but thanks for pointing it out, I'll fix it.

Terror Syndrome is fucking awesome it is too bad they only have one, self-released digital album out. They deserve to get bigger. It is the DTP without Devy at the helm.

The sex was awesome, and totally made up for the lack of interviews but from tonights fallouts, it looks like it was a one time, revenge deal.
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