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This vaguely reminds me of when I saw Devildriver in 2010 with Suffocation and Goatwhore. I wasn't impressed with Devildriver live except for the fact that the House of Blues staff was getting rough with some of the crowd surfers and Dez noticed this and said something to the effect of "Hey, motherfucker, don't fuck with my fans or I'll come down there and kick your ass." Not exactly alike, but commendable all the same.

Also, I believe I said it when leaving the venue, but I'll reiterate. It was really awesome meeting you guys and I look forward to hanging at future shows.

Oh, and also:

Originally Posted by dcmetal108 View Post
Of course for me though "Beyond The Permafrost" was my greatest part of their set.
Fuck yes!

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I really want to see Dave Goes to Hollywood before I die.
And fuck yes! Probably in my top 5 Black Dahlia songs.
5/6-7 Ragnarokkr Fest
5/14 Hellshock ?
5/20 Weekend Nachos NYC
5/21 Weekend Nachos MA
5/22 Magrudergrind
5/23 The Black Dahlia Murder
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