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Fuck, I completely forgot about this. I'm worse than Nat and he has way more important things to do in his life which I don't haha. And he actually writes reviews. Anyways not that anyone cares but I'll finally finish this thing.

43. Vreid - V

Following up the excellent Milorg was no easy task, but Vreid did not disappoint with this one. Thrashy black metal, with a good dose of prog and rock n roll is how I'd describe it.

42. Sylosis - Edge of the Earth

No sophomore slump for this talented young band. The new vocalist is not anything to get excited about but he does the job with competent growls and the occasional clean. The obvious reason to listen to these guys are the thrashy, groovy, melodic guitar work that this band has a plethora of. Unfortunately the album is a bit too long, but in smaller doses this thing definitely delivers the riffs.
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