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Opeth -- Santiago, Chile -- March 28th, 2012

Venue: Teatro Caupolican
Turnout: 3.000 people (I think, maybe I'm wrong)

The Devil's Orchard
I Feel the Dark
Face of Melinda
To Rid the Disease
The Lines in My Hand
The Grand Conjuration
The Drapery Falls

I think this is the first show with this setlist including 2 songs from Damnation, Face of Melinda and Burden, during this year it were 4 songs with growls, but we got just three, I don't care.

Amazing!!!!! My second Opeth show, I met the band yesterday, all day in the hotel was worthwhile, pictures with all guys, Mike signed my acoustic guitar and Fredrik taught to me a riff from 'The Lotus Eater', because I had doubts with a few things, he gave me his guitar pick. Talked with all of them with my friends.

And the show, I got up early, and went to the venue...Mar de Grises opened the show, they were OK, I was in front row, in front of Mikael with my girlfriend and friends, and when they enter to the stage, they saw us and say hello to us, it was nice because we were very polite with them, talked with Mendez in spanish and stuff.

My highlights of the show, Face of Melinda, Folklore, The Drapery Falls.

Bloopers: Mike said they hope to nail tonight, The Lines in my Hand, and Fredrik the first thing he did was fucked up everything.....And Mike in Folklore and Deliverance, his guitar strap was loose, so he couldn't play, and start again the acoustic part of Folklore.

At the end, Fredrik gave me another pick because I asked another one during the show, and Joakim saw me and went to shake hands at the edge of the stage, and I got a setlist.

3 years worth the wait , I have pictures but I don't think you're interested haha

I'm out of money so I will miss every show from here to eternity
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