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They might get a lawsuit for their security hurting someone... but I guarantee you it's nothing like the lawsuit they could face for the incident of one of the stagedivers getting paralyzed from the waist down. Which did happen last year; hence them implementing the rule. STILL, I agree 100% with your assessment; I hate the security there now. I personally stagedove 3 times and crowdsurfed twice near the end of Black Dahlia's set, astutely waiting until the security were tied down trying to kick someone out so I could just jump up on stage on the side and run over. There's definitely been way more stagediving at that venue. And I'm debating what security I hate more: them, or Reggie's. A couple of the bouncers at Reggie's seem kind of cool though, not antagonistic when they have to enforce the rules.

For me, I showed up right after Hour of Penance (). #fuckclass #fucktheCTA. Really wanted to see them. Anyway, nice meeting with all you guys again, and nice meeting Zach for the first time. Wish my boy Daimonos could have been there too; oh well. I bet we'll all be at Nasum or something. Skeletonwitch were definitely better this time than when I've seen them in the past; but they still didn't excite me a lot. Whatever, there seemed to be a lot of people enjoying them.

Nile were fucking excellent, as always. Yeah, I started the pit right when Kafir started. Come at me, bros. I was wearing my cutoff Harm's Way shirt. #coolhardcorebro #i'mafagfordoinghashtags. I actually saw another guy with a Harm's Way shirt after and we briefly talked about how amazing they were, and in the middle of the show I talked with this old hardcore bro in the back who was wearing a Warhound shirt! Great fucking band; we both complimented each other. Overall for Nile, I think I definitely enjoyed them way more when they headlined in 2010, but the set was still tits. I've seen all those songs live before, I think. Still, fucking Sarcophagus live is heavy as tits, and those riffs in Hittite Dung and Permitting the Noble dead = ! Wish I could have seen them longer.

Second time seeing Black Dahlia, and I've got to say that I enjoyed them waaaay more this time. Immediate rush towards the stage as soon as they started, and pretty decent pits the whole show. I really loved that set; very long, too. They played a fuckton off of Ritual! SO good. My only complaint on their set was the lack of a.) Statutory Ape, b.) Black Valor (I'd love to see that live), c.) more songs off of Miasma or Nocturnal. I really want to see Dave Goes to Hollywood before I die. Still, great show!

There's nothing more to be said about the security and stagediving; it's all true. For me, this could have been one of the best shows I've seen if I could have been diving for Black Dahlia the whole time. There was the perfect amount of people to dive on; you couldn't have hurt yourself unless you were a goddamn idiot. There were a couple kids who tried diving during Skeletonwitch, but they've obviously never seen a Sick Of It All video, 'cause I think they landed straight on their heads. People wouldn't get hurt stagediving if they would study how to do it correctly beforehand.

"Funeral Thirst" was actually "Unhallowed -> Funeral Thirst", which is always sweet. I miss how they had a slight resemblance of a breakdown in Unhallowed. So tits live! I think I might email the Bottom lounge later in the future about The Rumble, hardcore, what stagediving means, etc, later. I completely understand why they don't want it to happen, but it doesn't mean I agree with it.

Anyway, great show, cool review, glad I went. See ya guys next time.
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