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So I decided to email many of the managers at Bottomlounge. Care to read.


I'd like to write your venue (this email is being sent to the person in charge of production and marketing/publicity as well as general info) about the Black Dahlia Murder show that took place Tuesday night March 27th,2012. During the show (mainly Black Dahlia Murder) I'd like to address how unprofessional your security was. I know your venue has the no stagediving / no crowdsurfing rule. Every venue has that rule but from how your security handled the show was uncalled for and extremely unprofessional. During the show I saw your employees grab patrons by the neck and drag them, on top of being overly aggressive to patrons who were posing no threat at all. Now this is not pertaining to just grown men that they were acting this way towards as I saw them act this was towards young kids as well girls.

Now you wonder why the band in such a extreme manner towards your security as they watched not only your employees disrespect the crowd but also disrespect them. Logically what threat does a young girl have when trying to just have fun at a show that she has to be grabbed by the neck and dragged off stage. Now I wouldn't just send this email to you without having many experiences at not only your venue but many other rock venues around the city and state. From what I saw though during your show was shocking and appalling though to think that the Bottom lounge condones that kind of ruthless aggression onto their patrons from security. The patrons that are not only paying to be there and have a good time but the same patrons that you would hopefully like to come back in the future for shows.

From what I saw though at that show I'm doubtful to ever come back as well as many people I know. From what I've seen online already many people at that show are now doubtful to ever come back to the venue as well as the bands that were playing. Why want to come back to a place to experience a good time when you know that the people there won't treat you with respect. Take note from other venues on how to handle a crowd or don't have shows there where you know the crowd has the potential to be wild. Next month you have a two day hardcore fest titled "The Rumble" coming to your venue. How do expect to control all the fans coming to that show knowing that the majority of them will attempt to stagedive and that the bands will openly encourage it.

In the future please learn to either employ security that knows what to do in a situation like that or stop having metal shows. I'll say it again, what I saw that night was the most unprofessional thing I've ever witnessed. The venue and everyone associated with it should take notice of what happened and make 100% sure that it never happens again for not only the sake of the venue but for the sake of the patrons inside. What would happen if when one of your security members grabbed someone the wrong way or mistreated them to the point where they were hurt. That would be a major lawsuit.

Overall though I do hope after reading this letter you can notice what went wrong that night and attempt to fix it. As much as I'd like to come back for future shows and recommend the venue I just can't knowing that there is a chance that the employees will mistreat me or others. Why take the chance when there are so many other venues that are known for treated their patrons right.


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