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My god. I wish I could've stayed to see security at one of my most loathed Chicago venues get fucking rocked. Fuck Bottom Lounge and fuck all the people that work there. Hopefully word gets out that BL is indeed a shitty fucking place to not only see a show at, but play at as well and they never get shows again. No doubt about it, Nile's set got cut short thanks to Bottom Lounge's usual treating of any band that isn't the headliner like shit. And from the looks of it, they still treated BDM like shit! But yeah, it was awesome meeting you, man. I had a great time for Nile, Skeletonwitch (2 years to see them again, well worth the wait!) and Hour of Penance. I'm glad I made it to the show altogether!

Here are the other 2 sets:

Hour of Penance:

Sedition Through Scorn
Absence of Truth
Slavery In a Deaf Decay
Decimate the Ancestry of the Only God


Erased and Forgotten
Submit to the Suffering
Reduced to the Failure of Prayer
This Horrifying Force (The Desire to Kill)
Beyond the Permafrost
Of Ash and Torment
Crushed Beyond Dust
Shredding Sacred Flesh
Within My Blood
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