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49. Arch Enemy - Khaos Legions

This album has some good, some bad, and some ugly features.

The good: several tracks (especially at the top of the album) rock VERY hard, and are classic AE melodeath anthems; lots of killer solos (although a few more wouldn't be a bad thing); lots of cool riffs; Angela's vocals work really well on several tracks, even though they are a bit one-dimensional; and the acoustic version of "Snowbound" at the end of the album.

The bad: the album cover (lame); the cheesy spoken word part of the album's intro (the remainder is fine, it's just the spoken part that's fucking silly); the synths during the chorus of "Cruelty Without Beauty" (which is an otherwise solid track); the fact that the bass is nearly undetectable on this album; and some of Angela's vocals border on "thanks, but you're trying too hard".

The ugly: the lyrics...ugh, some of them are just so bad - one would think that a band that's this good otherwise, would try to do a little something to clear up this glaring issue someday, but no.

Overall, I think the good significantly outweighs the bad here, and I still like this album quite a bit. It's not quite as good as some of their earlier work, but it's still solid, and it's better than their last studio release Rise of the Tyrant, which is a good sign.
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