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Artist: A Loathing Requiem
Albums: Psalms of Misanthropy
Genre: Technical Death Metal
Release Date: 2010

This is a great one man band consisting of the former guitarist from the band Enfold Darkness, Malcolm Pugh. You can tell that this guy is heavily inspired by the likes of Necrophagist. Most songs are relentlessly fast, with pauses that I can only imagine are meant for a pause to rest his fingers and for the listener to take a break from their ferverous headbanging. Even the vocals are pretty good, which is something that isn't always the case with tech death and he uses layering on some songs that gives the vocals a more powerful effect. A con of the album is that after a little over 20 minutes of listening to it, all the songs just kind of start to blend together. The standout tracks are "Rapturous Euphoria," "False Gods Render Death," "And Darkness Was Cast" and "Architect or Arsonist."

The quality of the Youtube videos aren't very good.

And Darkness Was Cast

Architect or Arsonist
1/11 Perturbator
1/13 Weekend Nachos
1/13 Khemmis ?
1/14 Weekend Nachos
1/22 Artificial Brain ?
1/27 Koffin Kats ?
2/10 Marduk ?
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