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Artist: Lord Belial
Album: Enter the Moonlight Gate
Genre: Black Metal
Release Date: 1997

Ah, some kick ass Swedish black metal that some crackhead in the train station in Chicago told me to listen to. This black metal ablum is a great listen, albeit pretty standard with tremolo picking and blast beats aplenty. The production isn't very good, but that's to be expected on most '90s black metal albums and I personally like the atmosphere that it gives the music. Some songs, like the title track, feature a woman doing melodic vocals that kind of back up the lead vocalist's tormented howls. The one thing that sets this apart from your run of the mill black metal is that the guitar work seems more inspired and interesting on a lot of the songs than your average black metal riff. Anyway, I would rank this among my top 10 albums of '90s black metal and if you like the genre, you should check it out. The standout tracks are "Unholy Spell of Lilith," "Path With Endless Horizons" and "Lamia."

Unholy Spell of Lilith

Path of Endless Horizons
8/1 October 31
8/5 Foreseen ?
8/8 Bongripper
8/14 Gravehill
8/26 Turnstile
9/4 Origin
9/5 Bat
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