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Artist: Gorerotted
Album: Mutilated in Minutes
Genre: Goregrind / Brutal Death Metal
Release Date: 2001

If anybody has heard of the British death metal band The Rotted, this is who they were before they changed their name. This is just fast, gory, humorous grind with heavy death metal influences. This album contains possibly one of the funniest song titles I've ever heard, "Severed, Sawn, Sold as Porn," which is rivaled by the song on their next album called "Zombie Graveyard Rape Bonanza." This album gets fast as hell, but doesn't lose its coherence like some grind albums tend to do and has a distince melody to many of the riffs. The vocals can take a bit to get used to, at least that's the case with his high vocals for me, but now I definitely love 'em. A lot of the song titles rhyme ("Bed 'em Behead 'em" and "Put Your Bits in a Concrete Mix" to name a couple) which gives the gore an almost nursery rhyme feel a la Macabre. I'm tired as hell, so I'm just gonna wrap this up by saying that this is a great album that should please grind and death metal fans alike. The standout tracks are "Hacksore," "Stab Me Till I Cum," "Mutilated in Minutes, Severed in Seconds," "Gagged, Shagged, Bodybagged" and "Severed, Sawn and Sold as Porn."


Gagged, Shagged, Bodybagged
1/22 Artificial Brain ?
1/27 Koffin Kats ?
2/10 Marduk
2/14 Death Angel ?
2/17 Overkill
2/18 Deterioration
2/23 Immolation ?
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