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Artist: Viraemia
Album: Viraemia
Genre: Technical Death Metal
Release Date: 2009

Before I go into this album, I feel that I must tell you how I came upon this band. I was walking into my college like a year and a half ago and some guy pointed at my Lamb of God shirt and said, "You like that kind of music? Check out my cousin's band, Viraemia." I decided to do so, expecting some shitty Hemlock-influenced groove metal. That was not the case. What I got was a blistering tech death band of epic proportions! As a reviewer on MA put, "5 Songs, 19 Minutes, And 20,000 Notes." Now this would probably fall into the "wank" category for some, but I absolutely love this EP and think that every member of this band is extremely talented. Let's just start with the bassist, Scott Plummer...he plays a MOTHERFUCKING ten string bass that he made himself! Which he uses to its full potential in the music. The vocals are something that gets lost in a lot of tech death with a lot of one tone vocalists, but the vocalist changes it up quite a bit with using death growls, some pretty good high vocals on occasion and something that resembles a squeal, but isn't quite a full one. Simply put, this band just scrambles your brain with techy brutality. The standout tracks are all of them really on this short five song CD.

Cancrum Oris

The Prodromal Phase

Bassist and his ten string bass
9/4 Origin
9/5 Bat
9/11-13 Riot Fest
9/19 Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats
9/25 Cattle Decapitation
9/26 D.R.I. and/or Alcest
10/2 Witchaven
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