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Originally Posted by ross_r View Post
Metal Assault hires 19 year olds? Seriously? Deicide was formed before you were born. I first saw Deicide when you were like 2 years old......your opinion ain't crap. Post your crap in asshole opinions you D-BAG.
Alright first off, thank you for the kind words! I really appreciate being told that my opinion is not crap. Second, have you actually read my reviews on Metal Assault? I'd be more than happy to hear any legitimate criticism of my writing- no one is perfect at that kind of thing, myself included. Third, what does age have to do with the validity of my opinion, or my writing ability for that matter, at all? I would like to think that I accurately articulate and sufficiently provide evidence for my thoughts and views in my formal writing (my reviews for Metal Assault), something you clearly failed to do in your unintentionally complimentary post. Does age really matter to such a high degree if one can write reasonably well and properly support an opinion with fair arguments? I went to a B.B. King concert with my dad two years ago and the show had some of the most horrible sound I have ever heard at a venue. Nearly every member of the audience in attendance was younger than B.B. and many, myself included, weren't alive during his years of success- does that make every negative opinion on the show invalid?

Originally Posted by hellawaits77ny View Post
Deicide was formed BEFORE he was born. And I agree.
hellawaits77, I'm not too sure what you are agreeing with here... Are you agreeing with the idea that my "opinion ain't crap" or the proposition to post my crap in the asshole opinion section of the site? See above for the first one. As for the second idea, I always figured that the "Asshole Opinion" section of the site was for blog posts, not set lists and gig reports. You've clearly been on this site longer than I have, maybe there's something I'm missing here. As far as I know, I followed the protocol: I gave set lists for every band I saw and provided a brief report on the gig. Hell, I even followed the title format right Please, do tell me what I have done wrong here.

Originally Posted by hellawaits77ny View Post
Yes, prices are increasing. As are prices for virtually everything. Gas prices have increased, does that mean that my car should be more fuel efficient now?

And again I will mention, an 80 minute set nowadays for an extreme metal band is nothing to scoff at.
I don't think that your car analogy quite works here. Gas prices did indeed go up, and cars did change in a way. Sure your vehicle remained the same, but hybrids became a legitimate contender in the automobile industry, and the Prius is probably one of the most common cars you see on the road. Second, when we have a grievance about oil prices, we complain to oil companies and the government to do something about it. They are the ones with the power to affect that particular subject (how about we go ahead to agree to skip a potential argument on the degree of power that the government has over oil prices?) and so I expect them to do something about it. As such, if Deicide are charging a lot of money for tickets, then there are a couple things that I feel are within their power to do.

1) Play a longer set.
2) Assemble an even better lineup for the tour.
3) Just don't charge that much for tickets to begin with. Artists have repeatedly proved that they have some level of influence over ticket prices, just take a look at the American Carnage tour where some tickets cost only ten dollars, or the recently announced Danzig Legacy show where lawn tickets cost thirteen dollars and thirteen cents.

This is where I have an issue with the band; they knowingly charge 25-30 dollars per ticket, and still only play 75 minutes, not 80-85 minutes as you claimed. I kept track of the set times as I have for every show I have covered as a writer for Metal Assault and believe me, their set was 75 minutes long after generous rounding in their favor on my part. In reality, it was about 71 minutes; the show started at 10:53 and ended at about 12:04. Even a 19 year old can add and subtract, right?

Look, if you want to continue to go back and forth about this particular issue, then send me a P.M. and I would love to discuss it with you. I don't think that the mods want to see a big argument happen on this thread at all. If you (or ross_r while we're at it) want to write off my opinion because of my age or some other absolutely idiotic reason, you're more than welcome to, I honestly don't care. Don't expect me to acknowledge it with further replies though.
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