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Gwar -- Joliet, IL -- March 25th, 2012

Very fun show! I've seen all the bands I wanted to see and even then it was still one of the most fun shows I've been to!

Legacy of Disorder were your standard tough guy Pantera/Lamb of God worship band... from New Zealand... They were pretty boring.

Ghoul were fucking fantastic. Sucks that they didn't change up their set from the last tour with GWAR but they still put on a damn good show. Set is more than likely out of order but all the songs that they played are there.


Off With Their Heads
The Mark of Voodoo
Brain Jerk
As Your Casket Closes
Blood Feast
Graveyard Mosh/Ghoul
Gutbucket Blues

Municipal Waste were awesome as well, a lot of people were there for them. I'm not too big on the new album but their live show was still as crazy as ever.

Municipal Waste:

Garbage Stomp
Sadistic Magician
The Thrashin' of the Christ
Terror Shark
Wolves of Chernobyl
Beer Pressure
You're Cut Off
Wrong Answer
Headbanger Face Rip
Insurance Fraud
Blood Drive
Waste In Space (intro)
The Fatal Feast
Guilty of Being Tight
Mind Eraser
Unleash the Bastards
Born to Party

GWAR were great as well. Kind of weird seeing them as a 4 piece, especially on a much smaller stage than the usual House of Blues. But they were still as good as ever, doing this small run in memory of Cory Smoot. I'm not sure about the set, I took it from but if GWAR654 (I think that's your username, Matt!) sees this he'd definitely know more than I do.


Zombies, March!
A Gathering of Ghouls
Storm is Coming
Saddam A Go-Go
Bring Back The Bomb
Crack in The Egg
Immortal Corrupter
KZ Necromancer
Eighth Lock
Metal Metal Land
Ham on the Bone
The Salaminizer
Sick of You
The Road Behind
Full length release "Sentient" now available!

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