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Artist: Torture Killer
Album: Swarm!
Genre: Death Metal
Release Date: 2006

This rivals any of Cannibal Corpse's first four albums as the best thing that Chris Barnes has ever done. He joined Finnish death metallers Torture Killer for this one album and it is just top notch. This album would probably land somewhere in my top 20 death metal albums of all time. The album starts off with a part instrumental track (the only lyric is swarm) aptly titled "Swarm!" that literally (to me at least) sounds like a swarm of bees attacking during the guitar solo. The track "Forever Dead" is very reminiscent of "Stripped, Raped and Strangled" by Cannibal Corpse in the first few verses of the song. The album continues with fast paced songs with really catchy choruses and doesn't let up the whole way through. If you're a fan of old school death metal at all, definitely check out this record. The Standout tracks are "Swarm!," "Forever Dead," "Multiple Counts of Murder" and "Cannibal Gluttony."

Forever Dead

Multiple Counts of Murder
12/2 Something is Waiting
12/3 Sick/Tired
12/9 Condition Critical
12/10 Denver Black Sky
12/11 The Casualties
12/23 Macabre
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