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Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
Yet you still give it a three out of five. Yeah.

The primary problem with your review is that you, like so many other folks on this site and rookies to the reviewing game, haven't yet learned the value of a little thing called restraint. It's all or nothing with you people. You either love something to bits, or you fucking hate it with all your might. It's all about superlatives and extremes with you. You lack good language skills to describe the middle ground, and so you give the correct score to fit your true opinion, but your words sound like you hated the damn thing with every fiber of your being.

....and by the way, by saying that the album is "one of the biggest letdowns of the last five years", you're lumping it in with monumental piles of shit like Illud Divinum Insanus, which is clearly a whole different fucking neighborhood than where Koloss belongs (again, at least based on the score you granted).

Sorry to be harsh, but obviously I'm tying to get not only your attention, but perhaps that of a few other folks as well who may read your review before listening to the album and decide that it's not worthwhile - which it definitely is. This album is a grower - something you probably wouldn't realize because it seems that you were more worried about getting your opinion out there before anybody else than you were about giving the album a fair assessment (glaring issue number two).

Take your time. Use some restraint. Find the middle ground and get comfortable describing it. Say positive things in the midst of even the most negative reviews (unless whatever you're reviewing really is utter horseshit - which I will tell you is much more rare than you think). Learn to say negative things without coming off as someone who just likes to criticize just to hear himself speak.

Do these things, and you will be taken more seriously, I promise.

Or don't. After all, what do I know?

You're not being harsh at all! I appreciate any form of feedback. I've been writing reviews for a couple of years now and am always trying to improve and you gave me some good tips. I'm going to be honest, I don't always write like I did in the this review, I just couldn't over how letdown I was by the record. I agree, I was definitely too negative in my wording considering it got a decent score, but again it all comes back to how disapointing this record is to me. I had listened to Koloss three times through before I wrote that, so that wasn't just my first impression. I like to give records at least a couple of spins before I write a review. As of right now (I haven't listened to again since I wrote the review), It hasn't grown on me one bit. I still echo what I wrote in the review, the memorable riffs and grooves just aren't there and that's a big part of what makes Meshuggah so great. Anyways, I do appreciate your advice Nat and I will do my best to apply your advice to my writing in the future.
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