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Andrew W.K. -- Detroit, MI -- March 24th, 2012

The 1st band I saw was Math The Band. They were, um, unique. Their music fits at an AWK show. At first they were kind of interesting, but they got old pretty quick. Not my cup of tea.

Andrew W.K. hit the stage at 11pm. This is the 10-year anniversary tour for I GET WET, so they played the whole album from start to finish. It was amazing! I listened to that CD so much in college. It's just fun music that puts a smile on your face. "Ready to Die," "Take it Off," & "I Get Wet" were definitely the highlights. The place was PACKED. Tons of fans got up on stage throughout the set. Everyone there was having a blast, and that's really the point of going to concerts. AWK is one of the best live bands I've ever seen. Go check 'em out if you can. I guarantee you'll have fun. Setlist:

It's Time to Party
Party Hard
Girls Own Love
Ready to Die
Take it Off
I Love the Motor City
She Is Beautiful
Party Til You Puke
Fun Night
Got To Do It
I Get Wet
Don't Stop Living In The Red
-- encore 1--
Victory Strikes Again
Long Live The Party
Never Let Down
The Moving Room
Head Bang (new song)
--encore 2--
We Want Fun
6/24 It Lies Within
7/9 & 10 It Lies Within
7/12 311
7/29 Slipknot
8/5 Np
8/7 Csoul
8/12 Deftones
8/13 KsE
8/21 KoRn
8/26 Nugent
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