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Originally Posted by MPF View Post
I was talkign to a few people from here. I'm planning on just releasing the specialty shows I've done in the past, and focus on making new shows, along with the interviews. I won't be doing interview shows on my youtube page, because that is already being played with video on the Undead Scene Youtube, so that seems a bit pointless.

I was the same way with Anathema, and beside shteir remake, EP last year, they haven't done much for me me in a few year, but this album is fucking awesome. Best Non Metal album of the year, hands down!

Indian is one of my favorite Doom Metal bands going right now and I didn't even play their best song, just their most accessible. Just wait to you hear the whole thing!
Yeah, Anathema hasn't been doing much for me lately, but I did really like that song and am actually anticipating the new album now.

That song was the most accessible? It was heavy as hell! Oh, man, I definitely need to get my hands on that CD that you were playing from.
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