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Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
Next up was Hour of Penance. I had just started listening to them within the last couple of weeks, and I like their Behemoth-esque brand of brutal death metal quite a bit. The album I had focused on the most was Paradogma, which I like a lot. Their new album Sedition comes out next week, and much to my surprise, they were selling copies of it, so I bought a copy from their lead vocalist / guitarist Paolo. He seemed to be a chill, gracious guy behind the merch table, but he was much less "nice" behind the mic (which was great). The new album is very good, by the way - they played three songs from it, and two of the three were among the best in their set. When he introduced the song "Decimate...", he described it as "the fastest song we've ever fucking written". Indeed. Also, the track "Ascension" has a really catchy death metal groove to it with some really nice chanty parts that just promotes headbanging big-time.
That is exactly what I envisioned the moment I heard that track. I can't wait to witness it live.
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