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Was a fuckin great show. I left after DF cause I had to work, but man DF was great. Also, this was the 5th time I've seen JFAC, and it was definately their best performance. Really looking forward to the new album.

The crowd went fucking NUTS when 'Your Treachery Will Die w/ You' broke out. The crowd for DF was one of the best crowds I've ever seen in Montreal. Lot's of movement throughout the whole set, and an awesome circle pit during 'One Shot, One Kill'. If anyone remembers, I posted a video of one of their new songs, 'Invert The Idols' a few weeks back. Great tune. When I have some time tommorrow, I'll upload the other new one they played. Another fuckin great song. John wasn't lying when he said they were focusing on slam in the new album. Which by the way, will be out June 19 according to John. Also, Sean said they'd be back in Montreal in October. Fuck yeah to another DF tour!!

Also, I met the coolest Customs Agent at the border. Here is some of the conversation:

CBP - "Who played?"
Me - "DevilDriver headlined, but I was there for Dying Fetus and Job For A Cowboy. Mostly death metal bands."
"Oh, I'm aware. I grew up on Slayer and Deicide."
"Awesome! I actually just saw Deicide a few weeks ago. It's cool you're a metalhead, usually the customs agents are like, "Who? Cannibal Corpse?"
(CBP dude's eyes light up) "Hey, Cannibal Corpse has a new album out!! have you heard it?"
"Oh yeah, it's in my CD player."

We chatted for another minute or 2, turns out he's all fired up to Slayer at Mayhem this summer. Pretty cool guy, and a welcome change from the bewildered stares I usually get from the guys when they ask who I went to see .

08/30: Bane and tour (?)
10/15: Soilwork, Decapitated (?)
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