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The tape was decent overall. Some really good tracks (Rella, Sam (Is Dead), Lean, P) some really bad ones (Real Bitch, We Got Bitches, Ya Know), but mostly it's just listenable songs that aren't anything too special. To me, there is a big decline in quality between each member of Odd Future. For me it goes Earl>Tyler>Hodgy>Domo>Mike G (Jasper, Left Brain, and Taco are all awful so I won't even bother ranking them) and I agree Early, Tyler, and Hodgy are the only ones that are good on a regular basis (Domo has his moments and Mike G is always subpar).

I also agree that they need to bring in some outside producers. There are some solid beats here and there, but they aren't consistent at all. If they worked with some great producers, it would really elevate the quality of their music.
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