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Originally Posted by BloodoftheKings View Post
Some people will get mad that i'm bringing this up but i'm surprised there has been little to no mention of the Odd Future Tape Vol 2 yet. I listened to the songs that people are saying are the albums strongest tracks and I found them to be pretty mediocre. I also find it pretty lame that this isn't a free mixtape and this is a legitimate album they expect people to pay for. Honestly I cant listen to these OF tapes where every guy pitches in. Tyler, Earl, and Hodgy are the only people in this group worthy of anybody's attention, the rest are mediocre and bore me to tears with their weak verses. I also I agree with what Shatteredflame said a while back, these guys really should collaborate with better producers.
It's likely because the hype surrounding them has declined. A lot of the people who were fans last year have probably decided to hate them already, or at least disregard them. As for the mixtape not being free, I'm sure that has all to do with being on a record label now. Also, while I'm not an Odd Future fan, I totally agree that Tyler, Earl, and Hodgy are the only worthwhile members and that their beats are mediocre. If they want to regain the status they had at this time last year they need to step it up, otherwise they will fall into obscurity like every other internet trend does.
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