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Artist: Make Them Suffer
Album: Lord of Woe
Genre: Blackened / Symphonic Deathcore
Release Date: 2010

I know, I know, it's deathcore, but hear me out. This is only a five song EP and I would rank this miles above any other deathcore album that I've heard, with the exception of one. Now, the keyboards and symphonic elements aren't just there so they can call themselves a symphonic band or whatever, they completely add a new element to the music, even chilling at times and beautiful at others. The vocals are just amazing, imho. The vocalist utilizes some classic death growls and his highs are just tortured black metal screams from the depths of hell that fit the music so well. And the many blast beats! The breakdowns are ridiculously heavy as well and not so abundant that it takes away from the song. It's hard to believe that this band has escaped recognition for so long. They just got signed to Roadrunner Records Australia about a month ago and their full length is slated to come out this year, I believe. They're also releasing a music video for a new song on April 1 that I am beyond excited for. If you have ever liked any deathcore song, ever, then check this band out. The standout tracks are all of them. So, in summation: I AM YOUR FUCKING END!!!

Weeping Wastelands

Lord of Woe

Maelstrom(Single that they released last year that is definitely worth mentioning.)

...Deal with it.
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