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Gojira -- Toronto, Ontario -- May 8th, 2009

Support: the Chariot, Car Bomb
Date: May 8th, 2009
Venue: the Mod Club Theatre in Toronto, Ontario

I’ve been finding a lot of setlists from shows I’ve been to on the past so I decided to post them. Some of them are with the help of, but these aren’t just me ripping setlists and posting them (that would be too easy). These are all shows I’ve been to and have stories to tell.

I’d never been to the Mod Club; it was actually a really nice venue. Small enough with really good sound. Car Bomb was out first and I hadn’t heard of them in years. I remembered the song M^6 from what seemed like five years before this show, but apparently it was only two years earlier. Whatever, they were okay live. The bass player was cool and had a great Mr. Bungle shirt on. I only knew the song M^6 because the singer announced it, otherwise it would've sounded exactly like everything else they played.

The Chariot I’d only heard of and I’d only heard that they were a metalcore band so I wasn’t looking forward to them at all. Then they started playing. I don’t know who told me they were metalcore but I’ll never listen to them again. Within three minutes of their first song the singer was crowd surfing, the bass player was throwing his bass around and guitar players were just making feedback. As someone who appreciates feedback I thought it was fucking awesome. I’ve never seen the Dillinger Escape Plan or GWAR so this was the craziest thing I’ve seen in my life. And it continued for close to a half hour with the odd song here and there. The show finished with the band getting rid of all their gear and taking the drummers kit apart as he was still playing the last song. It was just a cool performance that caught me totally off guard. I didn’t know any of their songs at the time but they opened with Back to Back (I only know this because the singer announced it), Evolve: and finished the set with Daggers.

I didn’t realize how big Gojira were until this show. The Mod Club is a small place, maybe 400 capacity, but it was packed for this show. There were quite a few posers there who really only wanted to see them finger tap all their riffs. That sounds pretty stupid but it is true that they finger tap a lot. Why you’d go to see a band do just that, I don’t know. I could care a less that they finger tap, I just like them. They were really good but lost me whenever they played anything from before From Mars to Sirius. The older material, it’s just not that good. I was really hoping too that they’d open with the Art of Dying. That song has one of my favorite riffs of all time at the beginning and would just floor everything. But Oroborus was an obvious choice. Thankfully they did play the Art of Dying later in the set. Global Warming would’ve been cool too but what are you gonna do. They were awesome but the Chariot honestly stole the show.

1. Oroborus 

2. The Heaviest Matter of the Universe 

3. Backbone 

4. Love 

5. From the Sky 

6. A Sight to Behold 

7. The Art of Dying 

(Drum Solo) 

8. Clone 

9. Flying Whales 

10. Toxic Garbage Island 

11. The Way of All Flesh 

12. Vacuity

The night came to a sour end as I walked to my car. The Mod Club is in an Italian district of Toronto, and this was a Friday night. So I must have walked by twenty clubs blasting techno beats on the way. Outside one club I had about eleven Jersey Shores start sassing me, calling me a fag, making fun of my Carcass shirt and the bandage on my arm (I’d gotten a tattoo earlier that day), doing what guys like that do. One or two of them I may have said something back. But there were eleven of them; I was by myself. What could I do, I just had to walk away. It was too bad that a great evening had to end like that.
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